Summer Deck Dreaming

I know, I know it is not summer yet! I get it, however I am ready for spring and summer to come on! I know I live in the Sunshine State but this tease of outside beautiful one day and cool the next I am O-V-E-R! In my dreaming of warm sun-shiny days and firefly nights I thought I would give us some inspiration for some awesome deck spaces. Deck dreaming is what I am all about today! Come on grab a glass of sweet tea and let’s sit a while in these spaces….

My oh my this is tree house living at it’s finest! You really feel like you are a kid in a tree house on this deck. What a great space to have a nice dinner with family and friends.


Now I feel like I am on a Caribbean vacation for sure. I can sit here all day and just enjoy the views, can’t you?


This deck space just says come and sit a while. I love the fireplace of course. Sitting by that fire and reading a good book is how I would spend my time here.


I am not one for wanting to plant a TV every where I am. (Yes I even have a pet peeve about them in restaurants)I usually want to visit with the people I am with or if I am alone spend time with a good book or just admiring the views (even if those views are just my backyard with my grand-loves running around) but this space does make me want to spend Sundays watching football on this deck with my family.


Speaking on TV who needs one when you can sit in these chairs and look at THAT view! I would never have a cable bill I can tell you that!


Beach loving and bringing the elements of inside to the outside; these are things which make this deck dreamy to me.


And speaking of bringing indoor elements to outdoor living, look at this! I would never need to go back inside the house if I could sit out here!


Oh I could just sleep and read and sleep and read on this deck all day long.


No matter how much space you have, or even where you live. Creating a little tranquil space to just sit and linger a little while with loved ones is what is important.



Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home ❤

The Adored Home



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