Wedded Bliss Under Nature’s Canopy: The Outdoor Wedding Reception

Spring into summer always makes me think of beautiful weddings since my two boys were married in May and June a few years ago {3 weeks apart mind you!} Look at these beautiful wedding receptions…

House Appeal

Natural Delights:  The Outdoor Reception Natural Delights: The Outdoor Reception

The outdoor wedding reception under nature’s canopy. Sheer delight of dreamy appeal. On a day in which the moment of a lifetimeculminates into a celebration of significance under the sky of natural wonder, those that gather are seemingly transported within the magical setting set forth. Perfection. The scenery that is offered, courtesy of Mother Nature, offers breathtaking, natural elegance that pairs with the elegance of a grand affair. Nature itself provides a spontaneity and perhaps even an unexpected element that brings another dimension to a memorable celebration of life. The natural atmosphere paired with the embellishments of wedded celebration is simply magical. For certain, the charms of nature paired with the joy of a lifetimeevent are a perfect marriage in entertaining.

Simply stated, the visuals of magical moments of elegant affairs of wedded bliss under nature’s canopy deserve…

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