20 Fall Mantel Ideas To Leave Your Home Feeling Warm and Cozy

It is that time again…pumpkin spice, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin…… well you get the idea. I do live in the south so we do not get to see that beautiful change of the leaves and it is still warm here but a girl can dream right? Today I am dreaming fall mantel ideas and…

Hotel Snob Disney Grand Floridian Resort Club Level Review

As a self proclaimed hotel snob I had to visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and oh boy this is what I found

Love Your Mug

Coffee mugs with cute sayings is the topic of the day

Mixed Color Kitchen Cabinets

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Rows and rows of the same color cabinets are the norm, but there is a new trend of mixing up cabinet colors to make a more interesting looking kitchen. One way to mix your cabinet colors is to use different cabinetry colors to designate different zones in your kitchen.…

Wedded Bliss Under Nature’s Canopy: The Outdoor Wedding Reception

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Natural Delights: The Outdoor Reception The outdoor wedding reception under nature’s canopy. Sheer delight of dreamy appeal. On a day in which the moment of a lifetime culminates into a celebration of significance under the sky of natural wonder, those that gather are seemingly transported within the magical setting set…

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

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Kitchen pantries are the norm in kitchen design. Long gone are the days where food is stored in kitchen cabinets. A pantry is a must have in the kitchen. The word pantry comes from the Latin word “paneterie” meaning bread; which is what pantries were originally used for; storage…

At Home Coffee Bar

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Coffee; just the word can send you running after your favorite cup of joe. Coffee is the fuel we need to wake ourselves up and keep ourselves going. The aroma, the taste, and oh the satisfaction. No matter how much we love our favorite coffee shop an at home…