Mellow Yellow and Feeling Like Spring

The color yellow can bring about many feelings. These pictures are sure to encourage spring to come on over


Mixed Color Kitchen Cabinets

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Rows and rows of the same color cabinets are the norm, but there is a new trend of mixing up cabinet colors to make a more interesting looking kitchen. One way to mix your cabinet colors is to use different cabinetry colors to designate different zones in your kitchen.…

Kitchen Pantry Ideas

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Kitchen pantries are the norm in kitchen design. Long gone are the days where food is stored in kitchen cabinets. A pantry is a must have in the kitchen. The word pantry comes from the Latin word “paneterie” meaning bread; which is what pantries were originally used for; storage…

At Home Coffee Bar

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Coffee; just the word can send you running after your favorite cup of joe. Coffee is the fuel we need to wake ourselves up and keep ourselves going. The aroma, the taste, and oh the satisfaction. No matter how much we love our favorite coffee shop an at home…

How to Make Your Kitchen Countertop Appear To Be Floating

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A kitchen island or kitchen countertop is one of the main features in a kitchen. They can be made of many different mediums like granite, wood, marble, stone, and more.  A kitchen island anchors the space in the kitchen and serves as an extra work surface and eating area. Contemporary…

Cabinet Styles which WOW Kitchens

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People have different styles and therefore kitchen cabinets are a great way to show off your style in your kitchen. There are many different styles as there are many different budgets. Here are some styles we love. Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets On Flat Panel Kitchen doors the center panel…

How Granite Countertops Are Made

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Have you ever wondered how granite countertops are made? We thought today we would share a video on just how that is done from Mario and Son Did you know wood corbels are only decorative and do not protect your valuable countertop from breakage? Most homeowners also find them…

What’s Your “Target Number”?

Oh Target how I love thee! I cam across this as I was browsing my favorite blogs and making my Target list lol! I seriously cannot get our of Target under $100 and that is getting a lot of great stuff! I guess if I went every week that number would go down, but I…

One Permanent Marker, 15 Adorable Upcycling Projects

OK I have to admit it…. I am addicted to Pinterest! Seriously! I cannot stop pinning. I even keep making new boards lol. One of the DIY Projects I love is using permanent markers. Now my 5 year old superhero grandson loves markers so I have had to hide them from him, maybe he is…

18 Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

I for one have boxes of undeveloped film somewhere lol. I stumbled on this really cool post on way to display your photos and I am in love. Snap away on those pictures then try some of these ideas on how to display them.