How to Make Your Kitchen Countertop Appear To Be Floating

How cool that your kitchen counter top can float; well at least it can have the appearance of floating! I love this idea ………..

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A kitchen island or kitchen countertop is one of the main features in a kitchen. They can be made of many different mediums like granite, wood, marble, stone, and more.  A kitchen island anchors the space in the kitchen and serves as an extra work surface and eating area.

In the past wooden corbels were the means of “holding up” a countertop with an overhang. But did you know that corbels do not hold up your countertop at all; thus, leaving your investment at risk of breakage? Wood corbels are beautiful and serve as a purpose of beauty only.

Today there is a way to make your countertop appear as if it is floating. There are no corbels to get in the way of adding extra chairs you need, plus you will no longer knock your knees on those corbels when entering and exiting.

How do you make your kitchen countertop…

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