Spoil Your Dog With Irresistible Deals

I have to tell you that today I am excited about this post but let me start at the beginning. For the past 12 years we have owned a cat. I have always been a cat person because cats do not need a lot of attention lol. My life was just too busy for a dog. However, a year ago I began desiring the attention and affection of a dog. My husband thought I had just lost it because we had become empty nesters but I knew I wanted one. So my year long quest began. I read about breeds and searched for the perfect breed for the two of us. I tried over and over to convenience my hubby we needed a dog, but honestly I did not push too hard because I knew a new fur baby in our home would only stress out Miss Kitty and I could not do that to her.

Doggyloot - Let's spoil your dog with irresistible deals
Our sweet Miss Kitty

Sadly at the beginning of the year she passed away. She is greatly missed I can tell you. Then at the beginning of February I started looking for a reputable breeder for the dog I was looking for and to my surprise we were able to find this beautiful Havanese who we will be bringing home this weekend!

Doggyloot - Let's spoil your dog with irresistible deals
Our new fur baby KiKi

As I have been patient trying to wait for the arrival of my new sweet girl {KiKi is what we call her} I have been pinning on Pinterest and looking for treats to make and toys to buy and came across this site that I may end up being addicted to call Doggyloot! {Affiliate link}

Doggyloot - spoil your dog with irresistible deals

Doggyloot is free to join as a member and the bonus is two-fold. 1)You get to save some money and 2) your fur baby gets a favorite chew, toy, treats, and more right to your door! I have read blogs where dogs get excited about the boxes arrival. So I am anxious to see if KiKi notices the box each month. {I signed up for the toy of the month club for now}. Not only is there subscription boxes to choose from there is some really great loot to fetch on this site. Each day Doggyloot offers handpicked dog products and sell them for one week or until they’re gone. Want to know another great bonus? Shipping is always free!! Now what could be better? Free shipping, a subscription box of your choosing right to your door, no more forgetting to stop at the store and get something new for your baby to chew on! And if that is not enough they even give back to dogs in need: As of January 2015, Doggyloot.com was acquired by GreaterGood, which operates the highly charitable Animal Rescue Site™, and works to raise funds for many charity partners through various online actions. This recent acquisition allows the two organizations to join forces so an even greater impact can be made on the growing pet industry across the United States and Canada. In celebration of this great union: going forward, every order placed on Doggyloot.com will provide 1 pound of food for rescued animals in need!

I am in love! I cannot wait for Kiki’s first toy to arrive and I think my next subscription will be some chews for her!

What do you think? Are you a pet parent and have your tried Doggyloot? I am afraid this is going to be an addition for me and KiKi! {update: Want to read Kiki’s Blog?}

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family and your home ❤

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