Google May Think Your Blog Comment is Spam?!

Today I have to admit is a little sad for me. Why? Today I read a very interesting article from Moms Make Money Blog. I found this blog through a Linky party and was actually shocked that Google could consider not only comments I leave on your blog, but comments YOU leave me on my blog as spam!

Why Google thinks your blog comments are spam!
Photo courtesy of Moms Make Money Blog

Why is that important? Well if they see my blog or yours as spam they will move our blogs down the rankings or even de-list them from Search Engine results! Ugh! This makes me sad because I had to go back through all my comments and edit all the ones where my bloggy friends put a link in them! I personally always ask you for a link to your linky party or a project you want me to see so this is frustrating to me. I also like others to see your blog so they can visit you as well. So this makes me sad 😦

So just how do we not get considered as spam by Google?

I am no expert but Deby at Moms Make Money blog does a really really great job at explaining all this techy stuff. So check it out here. Before you go I think the only way for me to see your linky party or new project is on Facebook.

So if you have a party you want me to join or a project to consider for WoW Wednesday then just head on over to Facebook and like my page and tell me about it. BTW I always like your Facebook page right back! I think that is only fair! Now go – go see what Deby has to say about how NOT to get considered spam by Google here.

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing my post and bringing this important topic to the attention of your readers. I think that leaving a link in your comment would be OK, so long as the comment and the link are part of the conversation regarding the post and add value. Google would regard generic comments such as ‘great idea!’ or ‘Cute, love it’ as not really adding value to the blog post and they are only really posted there in order for the blogger leaving the comment to get a link back to their site. Therefore they are spamming your site and you can publishing it, therefore you are publishing spam!

    I encourage all bloggers to consider actually reading the post they are commenting on – its sometime obvious the commenter hasn’t even read it, they just leave a few words, with a request to ‘follow me’ or visit my site etc. Let’s all make more of an effort to add a REAL comment that adds value – these are the commenters that will be visited by your readers. Those with an opinion and thoughts that add value to your post.


  2. I remember when I first started blogging, I was marked as SPAM and my comments would never show up on anyone’s blogs – it was HORRIBLE because I adore leaving comments, making new friends, etc. I had to contact the SPAM people – Askimat or however you spell it, multiple times!


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