Apps for Beating Crowds While Traveling

Good morning and Happy Monday or should I say Happy Money Monday to you! If where you live is anything like the weather here it has been hot and rainy for you too then! But none the less we all want a little summer vacation right!

Today is Money Monday on the blog and if you are new {welcome}! Each Monday I bring you tips or tricks to help save you some cha-ching {aka money}!

Today we are going to talk about apps. I love getting apps but I don’t just love apps I love the ones which make my life more productive. How about an app that gets you on the fastest route to your destination? Who doesn’t need that when traveling or even just doing day-to-day things right? Another app much-needed in my world {especially when traveling} is where to find the cheapest gas, but what about an app that calculates just how far your car will go on the gas you have in it currently!

I am especially going to check out an app for my daughter who leaves for college in a few weeks which will with one touch put in a call to local police, a fire department, or ambulance! That’s a great app for traveling right?!

apps the make travel easier!
Photo courtesy of MSN Money

If you need help before you even get out the door there is an app which creates lists of what to pack and provides a set of reminders specific to the type of trip you have planned no matter if it’s a weekend trip or a long summer vaca! It can also remind you to buy travel insurance, lube up with sun protection, or just pack extra socks! {Watch our Siri this app may take over here!}

Lastly the funniest app is one which will give you info on public bathrooms! {Well maybe that won’t be so funny when you really need to know where one is right! 🙂 }

Check out all these apps and more which can help your travel plans or even help you make travel plans on this great article from MSN Money here!

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Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


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  1. I have never tried one of those apps Sandra, but think I will next time we visit. Now that they have charging stations ( at least in MK they do) I don’t have to worry too much about my batteries!



    1. Suz,
      I love the Disney app too! I am excited about the new way to use it to pick your FastPass before you even get in the park! Woohoo!
      Have a great day!


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