A Girl Has to Have Some Shoes-Even These!

The Adored Home

Today is my birthday so my family asked me what I wanted and my reply was Disney Gift Cards or Disney Shoes! Well not exactly shoes I can wear, but shoes I will be able to display in my new shoe room {I promise one day I will finish this shoe room and give you a look at it, but here is a sneak peek at it as it is now.}

The Adored Home

Now I know you may think I am a little crazy for wanting Disney Gift cards at my age, but I am an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World so for me having Disney Gift cards to spend while in the parks on food and merchandise is actually a perfect gift. Or I could use them at the Disney Store online to purchase these new loves! Disney shoes! Well their official name is the Disney’s Runway Shoe Ornament Collection by artist Cody Reynolds.

I first came across these in an article on the Disney Blog and I have been waiting for them to come available for purchase. According to the blog the shoes each measures approximately 3 inches long by 3.5 inches tall {my perfect size lol.}  All of them contain a removable ribbon, which is perfect for my shoe room so I can display them year round, or reattach the ribbons if I decide to do a Disney Shoe tree for Christmas {I usually have about 7 themed trees in my home}!

There are Disney princess shoes for Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White {to name a few} and even shoes for our beloved Minnie, Daisy, Tinker bell and Mary Poppins. But for some reason I am really in love with the villain shoes. I am really more of a princess fan but I am wanting to get all of the villain shoes faster than some of the princesses {gasp I know}!

I thought I would share with you my favorites that I hope to get for my birthday

Maleficent Shoe Ornament
Maleficent Shoe Ornament
Photo courtesy of Disney.com
Queen of Hearts Disney Shoe Ornament
Queen of Hearts Shoe Ornament
Photo courtesy of Disney.com
Snow White Disney Shoe Ornament
Snow White Shoe Ornament
Photo courtesy of Disney.com

And one last one {because I could say all 19 in the collection are my favorites lol}

Disney Tinkerbell Shoe Ornament
Disney Tinker bell Shoe Ornament
Photo courtesy Disney.com

So needless to say I really really do need Disney Gift cards for my birthday lol! You can check out all of these adorable shoes here in case you may want some new shoes too 🙂

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


The Adored Home

I am not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way or compensated for this post. All the thoughts expressed here are my own.

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  1. Happiest of birthday wishes Sandra!!! I hope your special day was full of magical moments!! I have to say I love these shoe ornaments and I totally agree with you on the villain ones being just a bit more enticing, LOL. I do like the Tink one, but can see the draw for the dark side 🙂 Have a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see your collection as it grows!



  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes Suz


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