Things You May Not Know About Renters Insurance

Things you did not know about Renters Insurance
Things you did not know about Renters Insurance

Happy Monday! Of course you know here on my blog that means it is Money Monday where I give you posts on ways to save money or smart ways to spend your money. Today I am bringing you a post from MSN Money on 6 things you may not know about renters insurance. According to MSN Money you may think you can get by without it or that your things aren’t worth the insurance. But did you know that insurance covers more than your stuff?

According to a 2012 study by the Insurance Information Institute, 31% of renters had renters insurance. Many renters don’t have insurance because they don’t know what it is and why they need it, or because they think they can’t afford it.

Renters insurance is just as necessary as homeowners insurance, even though you don’t have a lender forcing you to get it.  So what do you need to learn about renters insurance before you purchase a policy? Here are six renters insurance facts you may not know here.
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