How To Save Money at The Movies

I really do not go to the movies all that often. I guess for me staying home and just renting it on TV appeals to me better than spending tons of money. But I must admit I do LIKE going! It’s just the cost that keeps me away! I honestly have gone to the movies more in the last few weeks than I have gone in a really long time. Which leads me to the question of just how do you save money at the movies?

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According to All You Magazine you can find discounts on admission prices and rewards on concessions! One really cool tip was earning rewards when you silence your cell phone {what???!!!}. Check it out and see just how much you can save on watching your favorite flick!

So do you already use these tips? I would love to hear your tips for how to save money at the movies! I am headed again this week to take my grandson to see Monsters University so I think I will see just how I can save a little cash!

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  1. I too love going to the movies, but it is a killer on the wallet! The only tip I have to save money, other then bring in bottled water or other snacks, is to get on a list for various theaters to get access to pre screened movies. Just last week my daughter and I got to see The Lone Ranger, for free! While I can’t blog about the movie just yet ( it is not out until July 3rd) just the experience was worth it and it is a pretty good movie to boot!



    1. Suz,
      That is a great tip! I sure would love to know how to get on that list! I can’t wait for The Lone Ranger movie so I can’t wait for your post!


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