Top Summer Events and Vacations of 2013

Yesterday I missed posting Money Monday here on the blog because I spent the day with my soon to be college girl and my sweet grandson at the zoo! You know I am a money saver and each year our zoo holds a $2 admission day! Is it hot….Yes! Is there a lot of people….Yes! But do I love making the memories & getting such a discount…..Yes! So in a way I was actually saving on a Money Monday instead of blogging how to save lol {If you just have to have your Money Monday fix check out the saving tips here!}

THe Adored Home
My Grandson enjoying his day at the Zoo

Summer vacation. Time of family bonding and spending time staying up late and sleeping in. I love summer; I always have. I love dreaming about summer vacations and looking at new places to go.

The Adored Home

Today gives 13 tops summer events we can attend and turn them into a summer vacation. From crafts, to music, to plays, to food. I wish I could attend them all. Check it out there just may be one near you! So pack up the car, the kiddos, and head out for some summer memories!

Want to see some more summer ideas? Check out Bucket List Places and Family Vacations here!

How about you? What are you summer vacations spots? I’d love to hear about them on my Facebook.

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home ❤

The Adored Home

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