Student Loan Bubble?

Today is Money Monday on the blog and since my baby is graduating from High School in just a few short weeks!

The Adored Home
My Baby

{Ok wait while I have yet ANOTHER meltdown moment!}

Anyway besides both of my sons weddings {first one is this weekend!} coming up we have to get college funds figured out!

The Adored Home. Son's Engagement

This is my oldest son and his beautiful bride to be this weekend in their engagement photo.

{ok wait again while I meltdown!}

My hubby and I are trying to figure the best way to pay for college {besides trying to survive meltdowns!} I found this article today on MSN Money on How much should students borrow? So I thought I would share this with all you who are sending their babies off to college this fall on Money Monday! Let’s see what Adam from has to say.

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Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


The Adored Home


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  1. Sandra,
    The amount of borrowed money students are owing when the leave college is scary to me. 4 years ago I was more in favor of borrowing to meet college needs, but even in that short amount of time costs have increased tremendously. 2 years ago son #2 entered preferred private college and was going to need to borrow $6k/year to meet costs. His sister will be entering college this fall and costs are up nearly 10% over what her brother faced. It seems we can pay for 3 years and need to borrow for the fourth, but that fourth year will be nearly $40k and that’s a lot of money for a young person to owe. Our choice was no more private college and attend a nearby public school.



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