Who knew this needed cleaning!

Before you get started with your weekend cleaning checklist, make sure these eight household cleaners are actually clean themselves. What am I talking about? Your dishwasher, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner to name a few. According to Andrea Cheng of Good Housekeeping, without a proper monthly cleanse, your “self-cleaning” dishwasher can become a cesspool of bacteria, fungi, black yeast, and even mold. Not to mention it can also emit a foul odor, thanks to leftover food particles.

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Did you know that your liquid cleaners actually have a shelf life? They won’t “go bad” as food will after an expiration date, but their antibacterial properties won’t be as effective. Who knew?

The Adored Home
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Here’s how to ensure your cleaning tools and appliances are free of dirt, grime, odor, and gunk so you can have the cleanest spring yet.

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The Adored Home

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