Saying I Do {Bridal Shower #2}

By now if you have read my blog long enough you know both of my sons are getting married this year within 3 weeks of one another! I had hosted shower number 1 for wedding number 1 and now it was time for shower number 2 for wedding number 2.

Each of my soon to be daughter-n-laws are as different as my 2 sons. I wanted each bride to feel special as I created parties which complimented each of them. {You can see shower #1 here!}

The Adored Home

One of the few things I kept similar for the girls was a sign announcing their shower and a cute chalkboard telling how many days until they are the new Mrs. Hersey from Hobby Lobby! {Each girl loved these!}

As usual I searched Pinterest for some great ideas and then I just took them my own route. The theme for this shower was to wear your wildest shoes!

The Adored Home
My shoes and 2 of my daughters!
The Adored Home
The Bride’s Shoes

One of the crafts I did for this shower was to spray paint a wine bottle with Krylon chalkboard paint.

This was a very easy project to do with great wow factor as the centerpiece of my table!

1) I removed the label from a large wine bottle and cleaned it well with soap and water and let dry.

2) I sprayed the bottle with the Krylon Chalk Board paint and allowed to dry.

According to Krylon’s website this paint:

  • Creates a tough, slate-like chalkboard surface
  • Easy application
  • Durable, long-lasting finish
Dry to Touch
15 minutes
Dry to Handle
Fully dry 3 hours
For use with
Wood, Metal, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache.

3) After allowing to dry for 24 hours I wrote words about marriage like “I do” “Trevor & Brandy” “June 14, 2013” “Love” “Till death do us part” etc on the bottle with chalk and then topped it off with colorful feathers and a stripped flower all from Hobby Lobby.

The Adored Home

The Adored Home

What a great project and everyone loved it, especially the Bride!

I have so many projects I made for these two showers but I will show you them in posts to come. Now I’ll just share a few pictures with you.

The Adored Home

The Adored Home

I have really enjoyed hosting these 2 showers for my future daughters! They are beautiful girls both inside and out and I could not have asked for a better wives for my sons!

Here is a picture of my girls. My two daughters and my two soon to be daughters. I am a blessed woman!

The Adored HomeIf you want to see the cute “I Do” wreath I made hanging behind them check it out here!

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


The Adored Home


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  1. arzea says:

    This is so cool! I really love it and I am so happy I found your blog! I would love for you to come by and link this or another project/recipe at my link party!!
    Hope to see you!


    1. Thanks for inviting me to come join the party and thanks for stopping by!


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