A Motivational Board VS A To Do List

Today I was reading Angie’s Blog at SomeCrafty and saw this cute board she made. I sure wish I had this when my children were little. I had them plastered all over the fridge and then I struggled after a while with the thought of do I keep them or throw them away. {That’s a post for another day lol}

Angie however, has come up with a great idea! She says she does not like To Do Lists but she does like a motivational board, and I for one am all about motivation! So I thought I would share this with you today, and I am thinking this will defiantly be on my list to make for my adorable “superhero” grandson to display all the great works of art he makes Gigi!

The Adored Home
Photo Courtesy of SomeCrafty

Check out this adorable board from Angie on her blog SomeCrafty!

So what did you think? Great huh!? Do you have something you would like me to see hop on over to the Facebook Fanpage and send me a link, while you are there don’t forget to like the page! I just may feature you on WoW Wednesday here too! Want to see more WoW Wednesday projects click here!

Angie again great job and don’t forget to grab your I’m Featured Button!

The Adored Home

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


The Adored Home


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  1. bdsbrown1 says:

    Great stuff! Thank you for the like at simplydaisies!


    1. I love your blog as well! Today I reblogged your great story! Thanks for stopping by


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