Household Objects to Help Your Wedding Day

Since both of my sons are getting married this year {within 3 weeks of one another} wedding ideas are things I keep looking at. Of course any time you add the word wedding to an item the price jumps up considerably! So trying to find great, unique ideas that are inexpensive can be a challenge.

Finding items at your local dollar store or thrift store is a great way to make something beautiful.You are not only repurposing but you are saving a lot of money!

a DIY Decorating blog with lots of tips. The Adored Home
Photo courtesy of Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine has a great article of great ideas of household items which can be used to help make your wedding day beautiful. How about the one above. They suggest making a chic serving tray with an extra frame. Place a double of your favorite photo (so as not to ruin the original, in case of condensation) under the glass and set out the drinks. Or I thought what about placing your photo and then place votive and flowers and use as a table setting. The photos can be different ones of the bride and groom together or them as children! {Sorry always thinking like a mom}

A DIY decorating blog with great tips. The Adored Home
Photo courtesy of Real Simple Magazine

How about using this idea of elevating tealights or plain votives. Place a candle in a thick-walled glass and anchor it with a thin layer of sand or small pebbles for more elegant mood lighting. I think you could also set these on the picture frame above or add some beautiful ribbon around the glasses!

Check out Real Simple Magazines other ideas on how to take household items to beautify your wedding day here.

Here is one of my pins on my wedding board on Pinterest. An old book or old Bible cut into confetti for the flower girl to drop! Love it!

The Adored Home Wedding Ideas

Find other great ideas on Pinterest

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


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