Discover How to Get Out of Debt

Happy Monday! My family and I had an awesome weekend! The weather is not sure what it wants to do right now, but it was great over all! I hope yours was as well. I spent time staging the showroom of our family business this weekend and maybe will be able to share some later on, but for now it is Money Monday so let’s get at it!

With both of my sons getting married this year and my baby heading off to college, finding ways to have more money and getting out of debt stay at the front of my mind. Every Monday here on my blog I declare it Money Monday in hopes of sharing ways you and I can save and discover how to get out of debt!

The Adored Home How to get out of debt
Photo Courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine

Today Woman’s Day Magazine has a great post by David Bakke on a man who was over $30,000 dollars in personal debit and was able to get out! Here is how he did it!

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The Adored Home

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