10 Smart Kitchen and Bath Updates

I am always looking for ways to change-up my home. I am sure you are as well. We all know our kitchens are the heart of our homes and our bathrooms are the second most important rooms in our house in terms of resale value. But if you are like me you cannot just do an over haul when you are ready for a change. So how do we make small updates that will help make a big impact?

MSN Living has some great ideas in what they call 10 smart kitchen and bath updates that I want to share with you today. They explain how easy it is to make a big impact from storing your pots and pans on a wall to upholstering a bathroom chair with terry cloth, their ideas will really make a difference in your home! Check them out here!

The Adored Home
Photo courtesy of MSN Living

Are there updates that you have made you feel has made a big impact? Jump on over to the Facebook Fanpage and tell me all about it! I would love to hear about them!

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Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


The Adored Home


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