How your smartphone can pay for itself

On Money Monday I like to bring you posts which can help you save some money. Today I found this article by Amanda Lily on MSN Money. Amanda says, “Taking advantage of your cell’s multiple uses — from cameras to GPS — can save you significant money.”

The Adored Home
Photo Courtesy of MSN Money

I was thinking back to when we would take vacations or even go to birthday parties when my children were small. We always lugged both our camera and our video recorder. Both were not small enough for our pocket and we certainly could not take one without the other! And in those days you sure could not look at the picture to see if you need to take another lol. Plus the cost of the two and the film to go in them, and let’s not even get started on the film developing {I may or may not still have boxes of undeveloped film} Ok I am starting to date myself…..moving on…..

Here are 10 ways Amanda says you can make the phone pay.

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The Adored Home


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