9 Things You Can Buy Cheaper Online

On Money Monday I like to bring you a post that tells us how and where we can save some dough! I am a bargain shopper so anywhere I can save money I want to, and I love telling others about the bargains and products I love! So how can we find the best prices? Can we really buy items online for a cheaper price?

Photo courtesy of Woman's Day Magazine
Photo courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine

According to this article from “Woman’s Day Magazine”  Alexandra Gekas explains how we can save big by shopping the internet for these 9 items instead of shopping in our local stores! Let’s check it out! Want to read more ways you can save on Money Monday’s click here! How about you, do you know any tips of saving money? I’d love to hear them. Head on over to the Facebook Fanpage and let me know about them! Until next time, Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤


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  1. JayNine says:

    I know for a fact after reading it many places and seeing it on a couple programs, for us Americans/Canadians, the best items to buy on line and save big dough are: electronics! TV’s blah blah u know. In my experience, it has been true! 2 Boxing Day’s ago I was able to purchase a “Tablet”, on line, through Future Shop for $199.99 only on line, only on Boxing Day–it was THEN, well worth the price! They’re all over $400 now 😉
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. I do love finding the best price and I always look online as well!


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