Is There Cash In Your Kids Closet?

Today I thought I would try something new. We are all looking for ways to save money and ways to create some extra cash. So why not start a post called Money Mondays I thought, and show ways we can find a little more cash for our piggy bank!

The Adored Home

In looking for ideas I came across this article from MSN Money, ” Is there cash in your kids closet?” According to the article by Donna_Freedman, “A new study says the average family has $1,318 worth of saleable children’s gear and resale has never been easier. Some parents even turn a profit.” Here’s how

Do you have some great savings idea? I’d love to hear them. Jump on over the Facebook Fanpage and let me hear them here!

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Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤

The Adored Home


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  1. an0nym0us1 says:

    How funny I should run across this today! I had planned to clean out my daughter’s closet today and take her old clothes to Once Upon A Child. It is an awesome way to generate a little extra income. Thanks for posting this. Its really good information.


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