My Secret Obsession

The word obsession means, “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.,’ or “the act of obsessing.” I have to confess I think I am beginning to develop an obsession for lamps. Not sure really why I have fallen in love with these beautiful sources of light, I just have. Now I do recognize I  have an obsession with shoes because I actually have a shoe room (that’s what happens when children move out and you have more shoes than one closet can hold.) But I have come to find lately, no matter where I shop I’m always looking for a cute lamp. Today I thought I would share the lamps I currently have displayed in my home (notice I said displayed, not lamps in my home lol).

What I love about each lamp is it’s uniqueness, especially when they have surprise linings and fringe! I also know it may seem strange to have a lamp in your kitchen however, Liz from Savvy Seasons had them in hers and I fell in love, so I just had to try it out and I love. love. love it!

If you have an obsession with these shades of wonder like I do jump on over to Better Homes and Garden and check out their ideas for changing up your lamps. I especially love the one inspired by Amy Butler !

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

I do have to give you a sneak peek at the newest lamp I  bought from Burlington Coat Factory. It will be featured soon on my spring foyer table that I will be changing out from my February table this weekend!


Isn’t it the cutest ever! I will be showing all it’s neat features which caused me to fall in love with it when I reveal my spring table. On a side note I would like to show you my baby girl who was modeling her “lampness” for me lol, isn’t she darling?! She is definitely one of the bright spots in my life!


Leave me a comment and if you have some great lamps I would sure love to see them.

Until next time, enjoy your life, your family, and your home!



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  1. Karen B. says:

    I confess, I love lamps too! My problem is, I’m running out of room to place anymore lamps anywhere without getting rid of one of my favorites. 🙂 I’ll have to live vicariously through your lamp shopping.


    1. Karen,
      Lol I too am running out of room! This year I thought I would just change them up throughout the year that way I don’t have to miss out on some great lamps at great deals!


  2. Country Lady says:

    Ok, I have to admit that I love lamps too! When I casually mention to my husband that I was looking for a new lamp, he wanted to know why? I couldn’t guess why, gee there are only 6 in the living room alone :). I love you blog. Glad you followed mine because I didn’t know yours was here. Happy Collecting!


    1. Lol I totally get it! I always tell hubby how much I saved. He is a saver so this helps soften the blow!
      Have a great day,


  3. JayNine says:

    Sandra, an obsession we share but mine is of lighting period! If you look at the temporary blog spot I’ve been using I think it’s half lighting seriously. ( ) I haven’t found any great re-create able lamps a at our new second hand store as yet! But will be searching now Springs arriving. In the meantime, we have a bundle of different style lighting throughout our new small space and running out of room too. Lol!
    I really enjoyed this post thank your for sharing your experience!
    Jeanine H


    1. JayNine says:

      OH Sandra also, just wondering are all your lamps you’ve shared with us here DIY Projects or store bought?


      1. Hey, Thanks for stopping by. I bought the lamps. I am a bargain shopper so I find them on clearance or on a deep sale. If you are wondering about a specific one let me know and I’ll tell you where I found it. Funny thing is after I posted the blog I found I had more lamps displayed in my home. lol.
        Enjoy your day,
        Sandra ❤


    2. Jeanie,
      Thanks for sharing your link, I will jump over and check it out. I do love what lighting can do to a room! I went to my local thrift store and asked if I could look around the back storage room and they sent someone to help me. I was able to find a few for $5!!! I have not decided what to do with them as of yet but I will lol!
      Have a great day Jeanie,


      1. JayNine says:

        LOL LOL Now I haven’t done THAT YET but thanks for the continued inspiration LOL! I will know what to ask when I cannot find any lamps on the floor! Lol! ….And actually, I do have some stuff to post (when toddlers in daycare next week lol) and I have been to our local store BUT, ours is an entire warehouse we haven’t been to since Christmas so I kinda forgot. You would be in HEAVEN THERE! Isles and isles of perfectly repurpose able items for around the house and a whole section on lighting itself. OH, I have an appointment around the corner this week, I’ll take some photos of this great place (just to share, we’re so far away, Canada)! TTYS, Jeanine!


      2. Well have fun when you go and I look forward to seeing the pictures!
        Enjoy your day!
        Sandra ❤


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