February Foyer

Hello and welcome! If you haven’t gotten to meet me then take a sec and allow me to introduce myself. I am not new to blogging I have blogged for many years, as a Bible Teacher. However, this blog is new because I wanted to share some of my passions. Cooking and decorating my home is something I truly love! I love doing things for my family. Therefore, I want to use this particular blog to share some of these passions with you and would like to hear some of yours as well!

Today I spent the afternoon doing something one of my friends calls, “hunting and gathering.” I love this saying because I am a bargain shopper. I love, love, love shopping for great deals therefore, when I find a bargain I feel as if I have won the jackpot! In future posts I will reveal my thrift store finds from today of 2 lamps for only $5.00 each which I plan to change into something beautiful!

Today I thought I would start by showing a picture of my foyer table. {The lighting makes the frame have spots of black however it is all red.}


I bought the table online from Seventh Avenue and it has become a beautiful piece in my foyer! I plan to change it out according to the seasons.

Seventh Avenue.com
Picture from Seventh Avenue.com

The adorable black and white lamp I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby along with the adorable bird holding the key to “my heart.” I looked around my house for all kinds of things which “said” Valentines Day, yet not too “hearts and chocolates” over the top if you know what I mean.


Here is close up of the bird with the key in it's mouth

I love to look all over my home for pieces I can move around and use instead of buying new ones all the time. This brings interest and fun for my hubby who says every night when he arrives home, “What’s been moved today?”  So I scoured my home for treasures and found a great one in my daughter’s room a picture frame with the word “Love.” So off her wall it went to find it’s new home for the month of February on my foyer table. I remember my daughter and I feeling like we were on the History Channel show American Pickers as we looked all over the thrift store and in their back stock room that hot Florida day. We found the treasure of the frame but it needed some TLC.  My daughter spay-painted it red to match her new red, black, and white room. The “Love” word was a gift to her from my parents months earlier so we hot glued it to the painted frame a viola a frame anyone would love! (no pun intended!)


I love the flameless candle which I also got at Hobby Lobby, however the cool feature is it has a 4 hour timer on it! So I can click to turn it on or click to have it on the 4 hour timer. Love that! Then I placed a picture of my family and some heart-shaped suckers inside a vase from the dollar store and two pretty silk flowers I have a table which says Happy Valentines Day all the month of February.

I hope you enjoy my beautiful February table. I know I have and so have my family and friends. Make sure you leave your comments. Thanks for stopping by – I now consider you my new friend!

Until next time,

Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! ❤




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